“Countdown” is an upcoming WWE Studios film starring Kane and Dolph Ziggler. In the film Dolph Ziggler plays a cop named Ray who is trying to find a mad man that’s kidnapped a young kid and rigged him with explosives. Kane plays Dolph Ziggler’s captain in the film. The movie also features cameos from Rusev and Lana, and Lionsgate recently released a new clip showing Rusev in all his glory.

In the clip Dolph Ziggler’s character Ray is chasing a suspect at a WWE live event. Ray is in pursuit when all of a sudden he encounters Rusev who slams him into a wall. In order to get Rusev out of the way and continue the chase, Ray does what any normal cop would do in this situation and he hits Rusev with a superkick right on the chin. Check it out below.

“Countdown” will be released on DVD and digital on April 5.