Recent reports have stated that WWE is interested in bringing Ric Flair back to TV full time. No matter how old he gets Ric Flair still adds something special to the product. More than anyone else in the WWE he adds an air of unpredictability to the product that make his segments must see television. Provided Flair can pass all of the medical tests required for him to make a full time return, all signs point to him becoming a regular on WWE programming sooner rather than later.

In the event that Ric Flair does return, WWE needs to utilize his star power correctly. Ever since rumors that he would be returning have surfaced rumors of who he would be paired with have been going around as well. Some reports suggest that Ric will be aligning himself with The Shield as a way of continuing the angle that was started on Raw a few weeks back. Other reports say that WWE wants to align Ric Flair with The Miz once again, but we all know how well that worked out last time. One thing that has been confirmed is that Ric Flair has major interest in managing Dolph Ziggler as he recently stated HERE. Not only does Ric Flair want to manage Dolph Ziggler but many fans (including us) want to see it happen as well.

Dolph Ziggler has all the tools he needs to become a big star in the WWE and everyone knows it. Recently several legends such as Billy Graham, Mick Foley and Jim Ross, just to name a few, have been very outspoken about how WWE isn’t using Dolph properly. Dolph can work a great match with anyone, he’s got style, he can talk well and the fans love him. The one thing Dolph doesn’t have is someone with influence pulling for him backstage, that’s where Ric Flair comes in.

As we all know WWE is a very political company. You could have all the talent in the world but if you don’t have the right person pulling the strings for you your career may never take off. Obviously Ric Flair sees a lot of himself in Dolph Ziggler and Dolph desperately needs someone to stand up for him backstage. Ric is the perfect person for that position.

Putting these two together could make for some must see moments when it comes to WWE programming. Dolph has charisma to boot and Ric Flair pretty much wrote the book on charisma. Letting Ric teach Dolph a thing or two about how to channel that charisma could be exactly what turns the page on Dolph’s career.

Ric Flair may be on the wrong side of 65 but all know his spirit is forever young. Flair will never stop living the party life and if he’s going to return to WWE full time he needs someone that can keep up with him. The Shield’s characters don’t work in a party environment and Evolution is past that point in their lives but Dolph Ziggler is the perfect companion for Ric to style and profile with. Segments that would feature Ric Flair and Dolph Ziggler tearing up the town and picking up women are memorable WWE moments just waiting to happen.

Whether WWE knows it or not, they’re hurting Dolph’s career by not pushing him but they’re also preventing themselves from airing some great segments. Dolph has worked hard to earn his spot, he deserves it and more than enough people want to see him succeed. The most notable name that wants to see Dolph succeed is Ric Flair. Dolph Ziggler and Ric Flair would make the perfect pair and putting Ric with anyone else at this point would just be a waste of his star power.



  1. I agree 100%. They should make Dolph the “New Nature Boy,” and then have him and Flair bring back the 4H. My picks would be: Cody Rhodes (the new Tully Blanchard), Curtis Axel (the new Double A), & Jack Swagger (the new Barry Windham) w/ Flair becoming the new J.J. Dillon. I could also see WWE bringing in some NXT guys like Garret Dylan, Corey Graves, & Sami Zayn. Either way, seeing the “New Horsemen” battling Evolution, the Wyatts, and even 3MB would be “must-see TV”!