Dolph Ziggler loves being a heel. His recent string of Superstar impersonations has really upset quite a few people from the fans to Dana Warrior herself when he posed as the late-Ultimate Warrior.

Now Ziggler is set to do battle against Bobby Roode at Hell In A Cell in a match which will hopefully see The Glorious One take home his first WWE PPV win. But first, Ziggler has to deal with the fans. It’s not that he has to, but it seems like he wants to.

Dolph Ziggler has plenty of experience on the microphone and has translated those skills into a little stand-up comedy career. He can’t work many dates as a comedian because WWE keeps him busy on the road but he still finds time to pick up a set whenever he can. In all honestly, pro wrestling and stand-up comedy are two very different worlds which share a lot of the same common characteristics.

Both wrestlers and stand-up comedians are independent contractors, they both have to learn how to work a crowd, and neither of them really know what to expect on any given night while performing. Ziggler probably realizes this fact so when he’s not perfecting his chops on the stage, he’s on Twitter sharpening his teeth on trolls.

He recently sent out a tweet for the purpose of inciting fans and a few took the bait. Ziggler commented how funny it was that the more they complained, the more time WWE was willing to give him. It looks like his haters are playing right into The Show Off’s hands.

Ziggler kept at it and came back at a fan who told him he could always do porn. The Show Off remarked how he wondered why this fan felt the need to include a “lol” at the end of his statement about Ziggler doing work in the adult entertainment industry next.

Obviously, this is no laughing matter to Ziggler which makes us wonder if he really does have offers in more industries than just pro wrestling and stand-up comedy when his WWE contract expires. After all, Sunny can vouch for Ziggler’s abilities.