dolph ziggler

Dolph Ziggler returned to WWE programming ahead of Super ShowDown back in May, and he’s been featured consistently ever since.

Prior to his return Ziggler had taken some time away from WWE, and it was rumored that WWE officials wanted him to stop wrestling and transition into a backstage role with the company.

However, Dolph addressed the rumor on Saturday Night’s Main Event podcast and he set the record straight.

“Three or four years ago, they (WWE management) said we’d like for you to wrestle here for 20 more years and eventually become an agent one day behind the scenes,” Ziggler stated. “I said, I don’t know. We’ll talk about that when that day comes. That was years and years ago, so that is a totally false thing I guess.”

Ziggler was also asked if he thinks Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff can bring change to WWE with their new Executive Director roles, and he seemed optimistic about what the situation could do for the business.

“I mean I hope so. I’ve seen this for almost 15 years, me being inside of it not just looking on the outside and hearing rumors and things. I’ve seen a cycle where things change and different people take over. At the end of the day, Vince McMahon is still the boss and he has created this awesome empire, and I feel like he has the final say, because he’s the boss and he’s in charge. Seeing how many lines they can give these two different sides, maybe compete with each other, would be really cool and great for everybody. It’s also great for other companies around, it’s competition. It keeps everybody working.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.