Ryback has been off the road for a few weeks now due to a contract dispute with WWE. It doesn’t look like the issue has been resolved as it was recently reported that WWE hasn’t had any contact with Ryback since he left. To add fuel to the fire, Sunday night as Extreme Rules was getting underway, Ryback sent out a tweet asking fans if they want to see Ryborg in the Impact Zone.

Fans all around the world liked the tweet,  because well, how could you not? That’s freaking hilarious. Dixie Carter also seems to like the idea of Ryborg showing up in the Impact Zone as she “liked” the tweet as well.

Ryback’s contract with WWE is reportedly up in July and it seems unlikely that he’ll be signing a new deal at this point. Will we be seeing Ryborg in the Impact Zone sometime in the next few months? Only time well tell, but Dixie Carter seems to “like” the idea.

Sheamus recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet while promoting his new movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows.” Sheamus was asked about the “You look stupid” chant that he often hears from the crowd and you can see what he had to say about it below.

“It’s like anything else in the WWE, when something comes along out of the blue you’re kind of like ‘what?’ and then you’re like ‘ahh’ and then it sinks in. You have to embrace it because it’s not going to go away. I played up to it and I had some fun with it, plus I mean I don’t think I look that stupid.”

What a good sport right?