Business has certainly picked up in recent weeks as the feud between Cody Rhodes and The Rock has been getting heated. The Rock verbally attacked Cody Rhodes during his Rock concert last week on SmackDown, and The American Nightmare responded on Monday Night Raw.

While addressing The Rock on Raw, Cody called The Great One an “a****le” and also said that he has “little d**k syndrome.” It’s not often that you hear wrestlers use that type of profanity on WWE programming, but Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Cody was allowed to use that type of language because WWE wants him to stay babyface and didn’t want him to come off badly following Rock’s promo last week.

“There was a memo. Everyone got it. But they gave Cody… they knew that he had to come back (against Rock). But there was absolutely a memo. I got that from several different guys, and there’s been other reporters who have too, so that’s not nothing.

“And no-one else is allowed to do that, but he (Cody) was given the opportunity to do it because basically they wanted him to stay babyface essentially. And if he came off badly on this promo and Rock came off so great in Memphis, it’s like, that’s not what they want.”

Cody Rhodes will be coming face to face with Roman Reigns this week on Friday Night SmackDown, and it’s also been confirmed that The Rock will be appearing on the April 1 episode of Raw from the Barclays Center.