shane mcmahon

The Royal Rumble has come and gone, but it seems that fans could be talking about the event for weeks to come. Shane McMahon returned during the event, but it was later reported that Shane was quietly let go after he acted unprofessional backstage.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Shane McMahon wanted to build the ending of the Royal Rumble around himself and be a featured player in the match. Shane was reportedly visibly unhappy when his ideas were shot down, and he talked down to people.

According to the report there were also disagreements between Shane McMahon and Brock Lesnar regarding the closing stages of the Royal Rumble match. It’s being said that Lesnar pretty much does what he wants but the disagreements led to people being told one thing, and then another.

Between Shane’s ideas, Lesnar’s ideas and Vince McMahon’s ideas plans were constantly changing. Vince McMahon was apparently overruling Shane and agreeing with Lesnar. One of the only things that was left in regarding Shane looking good was a spot involving him striking Riddle.