Pro wrestling isn’t fake folks, it’s scripted, and throughout Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live the announcers keep the pace of the show going by using different cues to introduce segments.

FightfulSelect.com has acquired several WWE production scripts, and they’ve released some of the scripted lines that were given to the announce teams for a recent episode of Raw, and a recent episode of SmackDown.

If you’ve been watching Raw and SmackDown Live on a regular basis over the last few weeks, then a lot of these lines will definitely be familiar to you.

June 11 Raw

  • One Of These Superstars Will Seize Crucial Momentum Heading Into Their Money In The Bank
    Ladder Match – NEXT!
  • (V.O. Note: Alexa Bliss Demanded To Have An Entrance For This Match.)
  • Patience Is A Virtue For Some, But Not For Jinder Mahal; “The Modern-Day Maharaja” Laid
    Down A Challenge For A Match On Social Media, And Roman Reigns Accepted. Money In The
    Bank Comes Early When “The Modern-Day Maharaja” Steps Into “The Big Dog’s” Yard
  • What Started As A Friendly Challenge Has Escalated In Tension And Intensity; Nia Jax And
    Ronda Rousey Come Face-To-Face Just Days Prior To One Of The Biggest Matches In The
    History Of The RAW Women’s Championship TONIGHT!
  • NARRATIVE COMMENTARY NOTE: Last week, the hostile alliance of Dolph Ziggler & Drew
    McIntyre suffered their first setback after Ziggler was shockingly thrown over the top rope by
    Tyler Breeze, thus eliminating Ziggler & McIntyre from the Tag Team Battle Royal. Yet,
    despite their loss, McIntyre would not leave the ring without going on a warpath and making it
    clear to one and all that Drew McIntyre would never miss an opportunity for a fight!
  • We’ll See What Braun Strowman, Finn Bàlor, Bobby Roode And Kevin Owens Are Willing To
    Do In Order To Gain Momentum Heading Into The Money In The Bank Ladder Match
  • Jonathan Coachman Promo: And now, please welcome, the RAW Women’s Champion,
    “The Irresistible Force” Nia Jax!
  • Commentators Note That Curt Hawkins Will Look To Break His 200 Match Losing Streak
    Against No Way Jose – NEXT!
  • (Commentators Note Sami Zayn Has His Next Obstacle For Bobby Lashley NEXT!)

June 19 Smackdown

  • Greg Hamilton Announcement: Please welcome the SmackDown Women’s Champion,
  • From Last Week: Jeff Hardy Vs. Nakamura // Nakamura Gives Hardy
    A Low Blow, Jeff Selling The Low Blow // Nakamura Hits Hardy With A Kinshasa //
    Nakamura Standing Over – Commentators Note Shinsuke Was Unsuccessful In
    Winning The WWE Championship Five Days Following His Match Against Jeff
  • Commentators Note The Bludgeon Brothers May Have Defeated Gallows And Anderson
    At Money In The Bank, But In An Unexpected And Unconventional Move, Smackdown
    General Manager Paige Is Giving Gallows And Anderson A Second Chance At The
    Smackdown Tag Team Titles Against The Fearsome Champions – NEXT!
  • (“WWE would like to congratulate The Baer
    Family – winners of the “Rev Up Your Vacation” Sweepstakes! They joined WWE
    Superstars Sheamus and Cesaro and raised the bar with a high-octane experience unlike
    any other at all 3 theme parks at Universal Orlando Resort! Congratulations to The
    Baer Family!”)
  • Commentators Note Kofi Kingston Put On A Show-Stopping Performance In The Men’s
    Money In The Bank Ladder Match But Wasn’t Able To Overcome The Odds