Delete or Decay aired on this week’s episode of TNA Impact and The Broken Hardys went to war with The Decay on Matt Hardy’s battlefield.

Things picked up right away as The Broken Hardys and Reby Sky bombarded The Decay with fireworks for several minutes, forcing Decay to retreat. Decay took cover underneath Matt Hardy’s dilapidated boat, which he affectionately refers to as Skarsgard.

Abyss told Crazzy Steve and Rosemary to head for the house and shortly after they left Brother Nero dropkicked Skarsgard into the lake. Abyss later reemerged in a suit as Chris Parks. Senor Benjamin confronted him and then shocked him with a taser before taking him to his grave. Brother Nero also battled Crazzy Steve in a pool for a while.

Eventually Abyss got back up and tried to destroy Matt Hardy by hitting him with Janus, but at the last second Brother Nero sacrificed himself, and took a 2×4 with nails to the stomach. With Jeff down and Matt Hardy all alone, it seemed that all hope was lost until Vanguard 1 made the save.

Vanguard 1 bombarded Decay with more fireworks and Crazzy Steve and Abyss got trapped inside a giant Hardy logo made of fire.

Back at the house Rosemary captured Maxel and Vanguard 1 tried to make the save, but Rosemary spit liquid at him and he went down.

Matt Hardy then appeared and Rosemary tried to spit liquid at him, but he caught every drop of it in his mouth and spit it back in her face.

Delete or Decay ended with The Hardys back in possession of Maxel, but with Vanguard 1 down. The last shot showed Decay loading an unconscious Senor Benjamin into the back of a truck as they laughed and drove off.