So far three matches have been confirmed for WrestleMania 32. Triple H will be defending the WWE Championship against Roman Reigns. The Undertaker will be facing Shane McMahon in a Hell in a Cell match. And last but certainly not least, Dean Ambrose will facing off against Brock Lesnar in a street fight.

As you may have noticed, WWE has yet to confirm a match for Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens. So what’s going to happen with the IC Title at WrestleMania 32? Well rumor has it that Dolph Ziggler and The Miz will be part of a key match at Mania and that it may be a multi-man match with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. If you’re anything like us, your brain probably thought of last year’s ladder match at WrestleMania 31 when you read the words “multi-man match” and “Intercontinental Championship.” Last year’s match was fun, but the Intercontinental Championship needs something different this year.

Kevin Owens needs a big moment at WrestleMania 32 and so does the IC Title. Neither one of them is going to get that in another ladder match because once the match ends, people will just be talking about the high spots, not the title or Owens. A multi-man match can work just fine. But adding a gimmick such as ladders or tables would do more harm than good.

A triple threat or fatal four way match would still allow several WWE Superstars to make an appearance on the card and it would keep the focus on the title. Ziggler and Owens have been putting on awesome matches together as of late. But they can’t possibly face off in another singles match at Mania as that would be overkill. Adding The Miz for a triple threat match would allow Ziggler and Owens to carry the match with the added element of The Miz keeping the confrontation from getting stale.

Continuing on with the theme of a multi-man match, Ryback is another guy that could be thrown into the mix for a fatal four way. He had the longest IC Title reign in 2015 and it would be easy to put him back in the title hunt. How about Bray Wyatt? He has yet to win championship gold in WWE and he currently has nothing to do at WrestleMania 32. The point is, there are plenty of options for a triple threat or fatal four way match at WrestleMania, and there’s no shortage of midcarders looking for a spot on the card.

Last year was a decent year for the IC Title but 2016 needs to be a much bigger year for the belt and WWE should be using it to build new stars. The Intercontinental Championship needs to feel important again. So we’re begging you WWE, please don’t put the IC Title in a big multi-man ladder match at Mania. Save the ladders and tables for the US Title or Tag Team Titles. Please, just book an Intercontinental Championship match at WrestleMania 32 and please make it about the belt, not the ladders.


  1. Honestly, there is one opponent that should face Owens at mania for the IC title and that is AJ STYLES!

    • I’m sorry but they need to put aj in a multi man match for the US title that is the only thing that makes since cause he is feuding with Jericho so there is three people right there with kalisto being champ then you gotta throw the big guy in there with some outcast members

  2. The ic title match needs to be a triple threat between Sami Neville and Owen’s cause Sami and Owen’s have there rivalry that is well known all over the independent circuit and Neville and Sami had a damn good feud in nxt one of the best so far in nxt this is what makes the most since to push all three of them not sure who I would give the win to probably Neville or Sami

    • Not arguing with this. However, I still don’t think this would work. Not as a Wrestlemania caliber match at least. Just because ‘mania brings in the seasonal fans. Those fans don’t follow the independent circuit and can’t name a company aside from NXT. It would make for a hell of a match but, only giving it roughly one month isn’t long enough to give those fans a respect for it that it would deserve.

      • Well then why have ko win the title from Ambrose on raw in a fatal five way match I mean no one really knows him all that well either I think this was wwe plan all along after Sami got injured when he was about to be debuting and Neville is just as famous as them and they are three former nxt champs heck you could even throw more people into just for storyline and New fueds. That’s what I like most about multi man matchs cause it can showcase more then one feud and more then two stars

        • I love the idea of a multi man match at ‘mania but, like this article hits on the IC title is and should be at this point the second most important title in the company. They should have that be for the US title. In the fatal 5 way I didn’t agree with giving it to KO in the first place mostly because he just lost it to Ambrose. They should’ve given it to DZ. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with it because, he and Zayn will happen regardless which for independent fans it’s pure greatness that this feud finally comes into the main roster. WWE usually finds a way to kill amazing things all the time unfortunately.