This week on SmackDown James Ellsworth begged Dean Ambrose to forgive him for costing him a shot at the WWE World Championship. Ambrose told him to just let it go, but Ellsworth continued to beg for forgiveness.

Backstage SmackDown General Manager announced that Dean Ambrose would once again get his chance to face AJ Styles, and if he could beat Styles, he would earn a title shot. Bryan also told him that it would be his last chance.

James Ellsworth begged Dean Ambrose to let him hang out at ringside, but Ambrose denied his request. Before the match, Dean Ambrose pushed Ellsworth through a door that led to the outside of the arena, and told him that any man with two hands can call an Uber.

Somehow, James Ellsworth made his way to ringside during the match, but he was chased away by security. Ellsworth made his way back to ringside once again near the end of the match, and security stopped him from getting in the ring.

As security was restraining James Ellsworth on the outside, AJ Styles got angry and pushed him over the announce table. Styles then got back up on the apron and attempted to hit Dean Ambrose with the Phenomenal Forearm. Dean Ambrose countered with a kick to the gut, and then hit AJ Styles with Dirty Deeds for the win.

James Ellsworth’s lifeless body was dragged up the ramp by security. Dean Ambrose celebrated as he walked up the ramp, and he laughed at Ellsworth, then picked him up, dropped him, laughed again, and walked away.