dean ambrose

Back in October, Dean Ambrose turned on Seth Rollins on the same night that Roman Reigns announced to the world that he’s battling leukemia.

Ambrose & Rollins won the Raw Tag Team Titles in the main event, but The Shield fell apart that night when Ambrose hit Rollins with Dirty Deeds.

Since then Ambrose has been going through a transformation, and this week on Raw when Charly Caruso referred to him as The Lunatic Fringe, Ambrose told her to never call him that again.

When asked how he thinks Roman would feel about what he’s done to Seth Rollins, Dean paused then responded by saying, “who cares?”

Charly then pressed him further and tried to get answers. A promo package recapping the fall of The Shield was shown.

After the promo, Ambrose just stared into the distance and paused before walking away without saying a word.