WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page was backstage for Raw this week but he wasn’t used in the history-making broadcast. As it turns out DDP was backstage so he could take part in an upcoming Macho Man Randy Savage DVD.

“Randy Savage Unreleased: The Unseen Matches of the Macho Man” is set to be released soon and it looks like they had a star-studded roundtable to sit around and talk about Savage and all of his Macho Madness.

Bayley is a huge Randy Savage fan dedicating her top rope elbow drop to the late WWE Hall Of Famer so it was very cool she was included. Corey Graves was also a part of the panel because apparently, WWE can’t do much without him in it nowadays which isn’t anything I’m complaining about.

But maybe the coolest part of it all was the fact Sean Mooney came back to discuss Savage’s career. DDP was there as well and everyone looked like they were having a great time. Now we’ll just have to wait for this DVD full of unseen Savage moments to hit the stores to find out what they all talked about.

R-Truth is a budding musician on top of sports entertainer but he’s been polishing up his rap game for years.

He performs his entrance music when he makes his way to the ring and many have commented on how talented he is when it comes to spitting rhymes. Now it looks like fans will have a chance to show their appreciation for R-Truth on another level because his new single “That’z Endurance” just dropped.

But R-Truth is making it even better for fans as he promises to not only give something special to any fan who tweets at him proving they bought his single, but every 100th person who does this will received $100 from the Raw Superstar. That’s not a bad deal at all.