darren young

In the fall of 2017, former WWE Tag Team Champion Darren Young was released, but he hasn’t slowed down, as he still prides himself on being Mr. No Days Off.

Young is currently wrestling under his real name, Fred Rosser, and he recently spoke to Wrestling Inc at WrestleCade about his decision to come out his WWE run.

“I’m not that the first one and I’m definitely not the last one. I was the first openly gay WWE star to be under contract. The bottom line is that we need more representation, we need more athletes standing up for what is right. In crazy times like this we need to have each other’s back. I always say none of us are as strong as all of us.”

Rosser went on to say that he sacrificed his career in order to help others.

“I came out and I made a sacrifice. I sacrificed my career so others can live their authentic selves. Like I said, I’m going to be that superhero no matter what. I’m not going anywhere.”

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