daniel bryan

Throwback Thursday is a wonderful time around the office. We covered an amazing #TBT picture The Nature Girl shared with Becky Lynch but now we’re taking a trip to the indies, 15 years ago to be exact.

Frankie Kazarian posted a picture which featured a literal “who’s who” of professional wrestling from 2002. It’s crazy to see that all of these guys came from the same place and their journeys though professional wrestling have taken them to where they are today.

It’s interesting to note only two of these guys aren’t with WWE right now, and while Kazarian did have a stint a few years back he’s been a name constantly thrown around as being greatly misused while he was with Vince McMahon and company.

Christopher Daniels was also supposed to be in WWE years ago as Bruce Prichard said he was supposed to be revealed as the “higher power” during the Corporate Ministry story in 1999. However, when Vince saw how small he was he nixed the idea and said “It was me Daniels! It was me all along!” Then he took the role for himself.

As great as that picture is, the best part of this story comes from Bryan Danielson’s reply to his old friend’s #TBT photo. D-Bry proposes they do a “reunion tour” in 2022. That’s only 5 years away kids.

Daniel Bryan has hinted on more than one occasion that he wants to wrestle again, but WWE just won’t let him. It is highly plausible that in 5 years Daniel Bryan will be free from his current WWE strangle-hold over his livelihood and able to do whatever he wants with his body, and he wants to wrestle.

There is also no doubt that a string of independent tour dates featuring these six names would sell out any medium sized venue in America. Plus, if they gathered them all up, they’d have a really great referee in Marty Elias too.

It makes one think about what the future could hold not only for Daniel Bryan but professional wrestling as a whole.

If you were planning on attending Rikishi’s “Bangin Booty Man Party” on WrestleMania weekend, you’ll have to come up with other plans. The former member of Too Cool announced via Twitter that due to circumstances out of his control, he’s having to cancel the event. It might have something to do with money, but regardless it still sounded like a really fun night that won’t be happening.

Because after all, any event with “bangin booty man” in the title sounds like a great time to us.