daniel bryan

Today has been an incredible day for Daniel Bryan fans, as WWE officially announced that they have cleared the former World Heavyweight Champion for in-ring competition. When exactly Daniel Bryan will be returning to the ring is unknown, but he took to Twitter to confirm that he will be addressing his status at the beginning of SmackDown Live tonight.

Daniel Bryan has been retired for over two years now, but now that he’s once again an active wrestler there are plenty of dream matches he could potentially have in WWE.

The roster has changed quite a bit since 2016, and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle has said in the past he would love to face Daniel Bryan in a WWE ring.

Angle recently commented on WWE’s big announcement when he posted the following:

AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan is another match that fans would undoubtedly love to see in a WWE ring, and the current WWE Champion noted that he couldn’t he happier for Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan’s “son” Chad Gable also pitched the idea of a possible father/son tag team.

One thing is clear, the WWE roster couldn’t be happier about Daniel Bryan’s return to the ring.