daniel bryan

Daniel Bryan is the type of wrestler who tries to evolve as time goes on, and we’ve seen the next evolution of his career recently with the new Daniel Bryan.

With Bryan currently working as one of SmackDown’s top stars, it’s easy to forget that he was only cleared for in-ring competition 8 months ago. Bryan opened up about his comeback during an episode of WWE Day Of, and he explained that he felt trapped.

“I felt a little trapped when I came back. I had this new idea for a style that I wanted to wrestle but when you come back at Wrestlemania, they kept having people tell me, ‘Oh! They want to make sure that you’re okay and that you’re healthy. They want to see you do all the old stuff. They want to see all the dropkicks in the corner and the dives through the ropes’ and all this kinda stuff, and it felt like a trap. Like I had just fought so hard to get back to do something that I love, but then to be trapped in to a certain way of doing it.”

The current WWE Champion went on to say that he hated what he had become, and that he was expected to act a certain way when he returned.

“It’s interesting because the new Daniel Bryan can’t be defined without the old Daniel Bryan,” Bryan explained. “It’s kinda self loathing more so than anything else. I hated what I had become and what I represented. The good things about myself that I had taken pride in for many many years had just kinda fallen to the wayside in this idea of the expectations of what Daniel Bryan was. And even just my mindset, the mindset of the old Daniel Bryan, so, he fought so hard to come back and then when he came back he was just happy to be back he wasn’t fighting for anything.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.