Daniel Bryan’s in-ring return meant a lot to not only the WWE Universe but also to the idea of how your brain might be able to heal after an awful injury. After all, doctors are still learning the magic of the human body seemingly making new discoveries to this day and Daniel Bryan very well might be a medical marvel.

Now that he’s back in WWE and able to wrestle once again fans want to see him on top of the heap because that’s where he belongs. But it looks like WWE might be slow to turn up the heat on Daniel Bryan’s push right off the bat instead booking him in a feud with Big Cass.

The argument could be made that Daniel Bryan might be better off leaving WWE after his contract is up in September. His schedule would be lighter if he decided to take up the life as an indie wrestler with promotions like New Japan, Ring Of Honor, and where ever else he wanted to.

Bryan would also still make a lot of money on the indies. Although he might not make as much that kind of detail possibly doesn’t matter as much to a guy like Daniel Bryan. After all, he and Brie Bella seem like they could be happy in a hippie commune.

Mike Johnson revealed on a PW Insider audio update that Daniel Bryan could still elect to go elsewhere in September. It’s just probably not going to happen at this point.

“His deal is still set to expire in September and if he does not, he could still walk out and go work elsewhere,” Mike Johnson said per Ringside News. “Although my gut feeling is it’s not going to happen. He will probably sign a new deal.”

WWE contracts don’t last forever so even if Daniel Bryan signs a new deal he could still choose not to stay with WWE forever. After all, with a guy like Daniel Bryan being treated the way he is in the storyline we might want to consider if Vince McMahon and Company even deserves to have him around.

Whatever Daniel Bryan does next, let’s just hope his body isn’t too broken at that point due to WWE’s brutal storylines where he seems to play the part of ragdoll way too often being one of the best pro wrestlers on the planet.