curt hawkins

Global Force Wrestling is going all out when it comes to their programming and attempts to appear as though they are a normal wrestling company operating as usual. But the truth behind the scenes might be a little bit more telling of a company grasping at straws.

They sign their new talents to contracts which allow GFW keep all of the merch money for items sold by the company, and they even want a percentage of any outside bookings talents receive, wrestling or non-wrestling related. So if someone gets a deal for a free fruit basket if they make an appearance at a Farmer’s Market, then Jeff Jarrett and company want a few apples. That deal is why Brandi Rhodes said goodbye to GFW.

We have previously reported how GFW is using footage they have in their vault of Bobby Roode and passing it off as current. There hasn’t been any word from Bobby about this usage of his Glorious persona although we can only imagine he would say it isn’t Glorious. But since Curt Hawkins was used as well, Curt decided to comment on the footage.

Hawkins has had a hard enough time recently working in WWE as he keeps racking up the losses no matter if he’s working in a singles match or as part of a tag team. In fact, he’s the first WWE Superstar to rack up 100 straight losses in a long time. It could be seen as a bad thing, but if Hawkins can take this bad situation and turn it into chicken salad then we might face the facts that Curt could be worth putting into a decent program (even though his character would need more rehabbing than Roman Reigns after the 2015 Royal Rumble).

Curt Hawkins decided to comment on this footage and dismiss it as over two-years-old. When he was asked if it was legal for GFW to use the footage in such a way his reply was that he’s not a lawyer, he’s just the captain of the “Star FACTory”…good point Curt.

What will GFW be up to next?