Cody Rhodes is teasing a new Dusty Rhodes project for 2017. He didn’t give many details but it looks like it could be a DVD or documentary. You can check out the tease below.

On a related note, Cody’s wife Eden recently launched a new show on WWE’s YouTube channel called Eden’s Style. She posted an update on the show via her website talking about to expect going forward. You can see what she had to say below.

“After so much pitching, and brainstorming and shooting, and re-shooting, and shooting again, and waiting and screaming into poor innocent pillows…I finally got approved for my OWN show on YouTube by WWE!

Eden’s Style is finally here. The name is cool because my WWE personas name is Eden Stiles, so we did a clever little play on words to bring you the one and only fashion oriented WWE show! I am the only fashion blogger working for WWE which is really cool. This is part of the reason I was allowed to have this show, so thank you all so much for reading these posts and keeping my numbers high every month! That sort of thing matters when you go out on a limb for endeavors as such.

Here’s what you can expect from me with Eden’s Style. I am going to be encompassing everything fashion. Everything from couture looks, to quick pick up finds. We will focus on the entire style spectrum which includes hair and make up, jewelry and accessories AND home! So yes, it’s possible you’ll get to take a look at some aspects of the Texas Rhodes House 🙂 What makes Eden’s Style unique is the fact that each week I’ll be involving a WWE Superstar or Diva in my quest to share style with you all. It should be plenty of fun!”


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