Cody Rhodes made his television debut with WWE back in 2007, and earlier this year he left the company, and since his departure Cody has been making waves in the independent scene.

Rhodes recently spoke to Wrestledelphia Radio, and he revealed that his late father Dusty Rhodes had told him to ask for his release years ago after WrestleMania 28.

“I know he would have supported it because he told me to ask for my release after WrestleMania 28… I waited until WrestleMania 32 to take his advice. At 28, I recalled particularly, he was unhappy with the direction things were going with me and Big Show, and he just thought that I was so close to the keys to the kingdom, and they were slipping away, that maybe leaving would wake them to the idea that this is somebody who wanted to captain your ship and the way you guys are treating him has pushed him out.”

“But it seemed at the time like kind of a leopard’s play, so it just didn’t interest me. I wanted to stick it out, and I always tried to not take Pop’s advice, because he’s my dad, so the advice always came from that part of his heart, not the businessman part of his mind, but his heart, and actually at the end of my WWE career, he was right that I should have made that decision maybe a little sooner.”

In the full episode of Wrestledelphia Cody talks more about his upcoming appearance on Arrow and his matches with NEW. The full episode premieres tonight at 10pm EST and you can check it out on iTunes and Google Play.