Cody Rhodes is the self-proclaimed leader of the Bullet Club and in case you’re wondering the Bullet Club is still fine. But as the Bullet Club seems to be changing, at least when it comes to their logo, Rhodes could have something planned that could change the BC crew forever.

The Grandson Of A Plumber recently held a Q&A session on the ROH Facebook page and he was asked what he thought about bringing women into the Bullet Club. Needless to say, Cody’s response was rather interesting as he took on a great tone of authority in the process.

“I’m sure you’ve witnessed this tumultuous political theater with the most recent Presidential election. And you’ll notice Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, they run these huge platforms where they talk about all this nonsense that they’re gonna do.”

“Stuff literally with checks and balances that they’re not capable of doing. In this case, I’m not going to give you any nonsense. I’m going to tell you something right out of the gate as leader of the Bullet Club that I’m going to do.”

Cody then went on to explain how he would change the Bullet Club and as their leader, he has a plan for two more members.

“I’m going to recruit women to the Bullet Club and I have two in mind. Two in mind, which is a secret. All this nonsense, ‘Well, New Japan doesn’t have women,’ well, the world has women. Women of Honor. We have the tournament finals at Supercard of Honor, come on! The Bullet Club needs women and not just, ‘Oh, they’re kinda in, but kinda not,’ no, they need to be official members brought into the fold of the Bullet Club.”

The idea of the Bullet Club having a female member is nothing new because Amber O’Neal has been the Bullet Babe before. But Cody’s tone could certainly suggest something more is on the way.

H/T to WrestlingInc for the transcription

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