The show kicked off with Triple H who gave a big speech about the history of WrestleMania. Bianca Belair also made an appearance and a potential Rhea Ripley vs. Becky Lynch match was teased when the two stars came face to face.

Seth Rollins made his way out to the stage with his WWE World Heavyweight Championship as the fans sang his song. The Visionary said it’s time to get a main event then he introduced the two time Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes. However, Roman Reigns’ music hit instead as The Tribal Chief made his way onto the stage with Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman handed Roman Reigns the mic as some fans started to chant “Tribal Chief” while other fans booed. Roman told Las Vegas to acknowledge him and the fans responded with boos. Seth Rollins joked that Roman Reigns actually showed up to work for once which got a big pop from the crowd. Roman said Seth showed up to work in his wife’s shoes which also got a pop.

Roman Reigns said he wants to talk about Cody Rhodes, the man who can’t make his own choice. He said if you hesitate your moment is going to move on, and that’s what happened to Cody Rhodes. Roman said now it’s his decision and he will choose who faces him in the main event of WrestleMania. The Tribal Chief then said that he chooses The Rock. Rollins told him that’s not how it works, but The Rock interrupted and made his entrance.

Rock walked around the stage for a while then paused before saying anything as some of the fans booed. Other fans tried to cover the boos with “Rocky” chants, but more people booed as The Rock put the mic to his mouth. His “Finally, The Rock has come back to Las Vegas” was met with a mix of boos and cheers.

The Rock asked the fans if they thought he was going to beat The Tribal Chief at WrestleMania and the fans booed. The boos turned into half “We want Cody” chants with the other half chanting” Rocky sucks.” The Rock then asked the fans if they thought Rock and Roman Reigns would be the biggest main event in the history of WWE and they booed again.

The Great One told the fans he loves the passion. He welcomed the members of the press and the WWE Universe, but they drowned him out with “We want Cody” and “Rocky sucks” chants. The Rock then introduced the members of the press to the “Cody Crybabies” as Rock and Roman laughed.

The Rock said he was going to show the fans something important and they hit him with “What?” chants in between everything he said. He showed a family tree of The Bloodline and told everyone to take a look at the top of the tree while talking about how he and Roman’s grandfather made an oath. The fans hit him with more “What?” chants as The Rock said that it’s proof there’s only one royal family in wrestling. He said if they don’t think that their main event is the most important main event in wrestling then it doesn’t matter what they think.

The People’s Champion carried on and told the fans whether they like it or not Roman vs. The Rock is happening at WrestleMania because they’re bound by blood then he extended his hand to Roman Reigns who embraced him.

Cody Rhodes then came out and tapped the mic while telling them to “hold on.” He said “This right here is bulls**t!” The fans chanted for Cody. The American Nightmare told Roman it’s not his right to determine the main event. Cody told The Rock that he’s made his decision. He looked at then announced that at WrestleMania 40 he’s choosing Roman Reigns. Everyone on stage looked distraught.

Roman Reigns asked Cody if he’s crazy, or stupid, then told him he’s old news, and he should sit at the number two table. The Tribal Chief told Cody he’s irrelevant just like his dad and the fans booed. Cody said he’s all about family then asked him “How’s Jey?” The American Nightmare said no on in their family has been doing any of the cooking for the last two years to a big reaction. He pointed to Roman and The Rock then said if their grandfathers were here they’d be ashamed of them. Cody dropped the mic as The Rock stepped up to him.

The Rock told Cody that when he talks about Roman’s family, he’s talking about The Rock’s family, and when he talks about Roman’s blood, he’s talking about The Rock’s blood. He told Cody that now they have a problem and The Rock slapped Cody.

Everything on stage became chaotic as Cody Rhodes was ushered backstage. The Rock stood with Roman Reigns as Seth Rollins berated them for thinking they can do whatever they want to do. The Rock walked around the stage while the fans booed.

The show then went to a panel consisting of Michael Cole, Pat McAfee, CM Punk and Big E who questioned what’s going to happen on the road to WrestleMania.

For what it’s worth Michael Cole said that it’s Cody vs. Roman at WrestleMania then questioned where that leaves Seth Rollins and The Rock. CM Punk then questioned whether Cody vs. Roman was official.

Backstage Triple H was being asked what happened out there as The Rock and Roman Reigns were walking by side by side. The Rock got in Triple H’s face and told him to fix it. Rock told Triple H this is what happens when people “talk s**t” about their family.