Anything can happen when you watch a WWE show and CM Punk made his return to the company a few weeks ago at the Survivor Series premium live event. Punk then appeared on the following episode of Monday Night Raw where he declared that he was home during the main event segment.

CM Punk made his first appearance on SmackDown in almost a decade this week and he talked about how both brands are trying to sign him. He told the fans that he’s going to leave it up to them. CM Punk asked if they wanted him to be on Raw then they booed. He asked if they wanted him to sign with SmackDown then they cheered.

The Best in the World then asked if they want to see throw 29 other wrestlers over the top rope at the Royal Rumble and the fans responded with loud “CM Punk” chants.

Punk said he’s going to turn things up to 11 and be spicy CM Punk. He asked the fans who he they want him to talk about. CM Punk jokingly said he could tell some stories about Cody Rhodes, then he brought up Roman Reigns.

CM Punk looked in the camera and said, “Roman Reigns, tribal chief I acknowledge you, congrats on your success, don’t forget who the OG Paul Heyman guy is, don’t forget that he was my wise man first.”

He told Roman not to forget who the OG Paul Heyman Guy is. Punk name dropped Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso before giving props to Jey Uso on Raw. CM Punk said if he’s going to take on The Bloodline he’ll need backup. Punk referenced Randy Orton and LA Knight as possible teammates. Punk mentioned Kevin Owens’ name then said he and KO are probably too much alike. He joked that you can’t work with someone who randomly punches people backstage because in 2023 that’s just not allowed.

Punk set his sights on Seth Rollins while hinting that The Visionary isn’t happy about his return. He then said that Rollins is, “not even THE MAN in his own household.” The fans started singing Seth Rollins’ song and he told them to keep it up. CM Punk declared that the fans will find out what brand he’s going to sign with when he makes his decision on Raw. He said he’s talked to Nick Aldis and Shawn Michaels in NXT.

CM Punk said that he’s back and he’s the monkey wrench in everyone’s plans and goals. He added that he’s back to finish what he started. CM Punk said on Monday night he will put pen to paper and he has his sights set on one thing, main eventing WrestleMania.

Later backstage CM Punk was walking around backstage and he teased entering The Bloodline’s locker room, but he ran into Kevin Owens. He asked Owens if he’s seen Nick Aldis’ locker room. They briefly stared each other down as Punk asked if Owens knew where Nick Aldis’ locker room is. Owens simply said “no” then they parted ways.