CM Punk will always be a hot topic in the world of professional wrestling, but since he walked away from the business in 2014 the former WWE Champion has given no indication that he’s interested in another serious run.

However, fans are constantly talking about the possibility of CM Punk joining All Elite Wrestling.

Fans who are holding out hope that CM Punk will eventually join AEW might not want to hold out hope for too long though.

A fan recently asked CM Punk on Twitter, “are you gonna disappoint your fans by not show up at aew?”

Punk responded by simply saying, “Yes.”

Despite a lack of interest on Punk’s part, Cody Rhodes has said the door is open for him to join the company.

With All Out set to take place in the Chicago area in August it’s probably safe to say that this isn’t the last time Punk will be responding to questions about AEW before the event.