Back in September, CM Punk became the AEW World Champion when he defeated Jon Moxley to win the title during the main event of All Out. Howevver, Punk suffered an injury in the process, and he was later reportedly involved in a physical altercation with The Elite after the show.

Since then there have been a lot of questions about Punk’s status and Dax Harwood recently told Fightful that CM Punk has been reading Steve Kiern’s book and it made him miss wrestling. The conversation was referenced in an Instagram post on the Pro Wrestling Podcast page and Punk left the following comment on the post:

“Great story about Gator and Koko fighting in the locker room and then lawler drags em in the office the next day and they squash it. Fascinating. Best book about a fascinating man in a strange business since Bret wrote his book.”

Dave Meltzer recently addressed CM Punk’s status on Wrestling Observer Radio and he claims that CM Punk is looking to get back in to All Elite Wrestling.

“What it says is that he wants back in. Which we’ve already known, other people have said that too, that he’s looking to get back in.

“It’s up to Tony (Khan) and Tony’s gonna make a decision at some point. He’s probably just about ready, if not ready already, from the torn triceps, so it is one of those things that he can do soon enough.”

There’s currently no word on when CM Punk could potentially be returning to AEW, but it’s worth noting that a production truck was shown with CM Punk’s face covered up during the opened segment of Dynamite this week.

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.