cm punk

It’s no big secret that WWE and CM Punk aren’t on good terms right now, but as much as WWE might like to erase Punk from history so to speak, fans just can’t forget about the impressive run that he had while he was with the company.

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CM Punk won multiple championships during his time with WWE, but his most impressive accomplishment was without a doubt his 434 day WWE Championship reign. Punk is still the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era, but you probably shouldn’t expect CM Punk to get sentimental about his title run anytime soon.

CM Punk’s friend, and former WWE Superstar Cliff Compton, noted on Twitter that Punk gave him his WWE Title belt. According to Compton it was sitting in Punk’s storage unit, and when Compton commented on it CM Punk gave it to him as a Christmas present.

A fan noted on Twitter that the belt looks like a cheap toy but Compton responded by saying, “Its the legit belt from WWE. It’s heavy as f**k”

Compton also added that the former champion has a bunch of belts in a random box.

Another fan noted that it would be pretty funny if Cliff Compton decided to defend the belt himself, but Compton said the belt is going to his 9 year old nephew.

After CM Punk won the title at Money in the Bank in 2011, he took the belt home and put it in his fridge, but according to Cliff Compton it’s now in his trunk, “with a lot of s**t.”


    • I normally don’t comment on stupid shit, especially shit as stupid as a comment on a stupid article about wrestling, but come on. Can’t you read? The first picture is the real belt in question, the second picture is just a tweet somebody @’d the guy who had the belt as a joke about how CM Punk put his belt in the fridge when he first got it. That picture is just a toy belt. Did someone really need to explain that to you?

  1. How are they erasing him from history? By not mentioning him on every show? There’s no reason to constantly mention him.

    Punk’s done more to erase his WWE career than WWE has done to erase his presence from their history.