It’s been years since fans have seen Christian wrestle a match, and even though he has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, he still left behind quite the legacy in the professional wrestling business.

Back in 2005, Christian was still trying to show the world that he could be a main eventer, and he made a big decision when he jumped from WWE to TNA.

Christian was pushed to the top of the company, and he told TalkSport that the jump was all about proving his worth to himself.

“I did go to TNA when I left WWE briefly in 2005 for three years. When I went there, it was solely to prove to myself, even if it was on a smaller platform that I could carry main event matches, programmes and promos and be the face of a show. I needed to do that. I needed to gain that confidence and go back and be able to do it. It happens for different people at different times, you just have to be confident in your ability.”

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion was also asked what advice he would give to talents considering jumping from WWE to AEW, and he said that sometimes things work out when talents bet on themselves.

“I would say… I would never want to steer anyone in a certain direction. If they asked me for certain advice I would tell them. I would put it on myself. What I needed to do was I needed to take a chance on myself. I needed to bet on myself. And if you’re willing to bet on yourself then sometimes it works out and if you believe in yourself and your abilities that will be the case.”

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