chris jericho

Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega have been feuding on Twitter for weeks now, and Jericho has held nothing back. The first ever WWE Undisputed Champion has called Omega “overrated” and Omega recently tried to end their Twitter war.

Kenny Omega told Jericho that he wouldn’t be giving him any more free publicity, but even though the war of words may be over for Kenny Omega, it’s not over for Chris Jericho.

Jericho recently threatened Kenny Omega on Twitter by saying that he could make one phone call and end his push in NJPW.

Chris posted the following along with a menacing photo from from back in the day:

There’s a lot of speculation that Chris Jericho is setting up a match with Kenny Omega that will take place on his Rock n Wrestling Rager cruise next year.

The Young Bucks have already been confirmed for the cruise, and Jericho also recently confirmed that Marty Scurll will be joining the trip as well. Now all that’s left in order for this match to happen is for Jericho to confirm Kenny Omega.