Prom is a special time for teenagers. It’s a coming of age moment where they dress up and spend the night with someone special, but asking that special someone to prom can be tough, that’s why a Twitter user turned to Chris Jericho for a little help.

As you can see, she was looking for a little help asking her boyfriend Jacob to prom, and the current United States Champion was more than willing to help when she called upon him for assistance.

After Jericho asked what he could do to help, the girl suggested that he make a sign.

Well as we all know, when Chris Jericho does things he likes to go big, and apparently he decided that a sign just wasn’t going to cut it. Chris Jericho posted a video on Instagram telling Jacob that his girl wants to ask him to prom.

Jericho then suggested to Jacob that he go to prom with his girlfriend, and he let him know that if he doesn’t agree to go he will be added to the List of Jericho.

Hey Jacob….Sommer wants u to go to the prom with her! #whatsyouranswer #dontbeastupididiot #sayyes

A video posted by Chris Jericho (@chrisjerichofozzy) on

This story has a happy ending, and it doesn’t look like Jacob is going to end up on the List of Jericho, because the girl let Jericho know that Jacob said yes.

Chris Jericho is certainly no stranger to good deeds, as he recently paid for late wrestler Rex King’s funeral.

It seems that the Gift of Jericho truly is the gift that keeps on giving, so drink it in man. Drink it in.