vince mcmahon

There are only so many spots at the top of WWE and in order to make it to the top you need to get Vince McMahon on your side.

Over the years fans have seen several Superstars get pushed after they were seemingly handpicked by Vince McMahon himself, and fans have also seen Superstars who have gotten over on their own fall down the card.

Zack Ryder is a good example as he seemed to be building momentum years ago when his YouTube show became popular, but despite having the support of the fans the office never really got behind him.

Ryder and Curt Hawkins recently talked about their time with WWE on Talk Is Jericho, and Chris Jericho brought up the subject of Vince McMahon resenting ideas he doesn’t come up with.

“And once again, you guys don’t have to contribute this if you don’t feel it, but there really is a bit of a strange resentment. If Vince doesn’t think of it, it’s not valid. It’s not real, and the same thing happened with Daniel Bryan when he first came in. I mean Vince did not like him because he was a vegan and all these other reason. He went and got over because he knows that how to get over, and they still resisted it for so long until finally they had no other choice. I feel the same thing happened with Zack Ryder in that you got over so well. You gave yourself an internet title.”

Ryder went on to say that after a while it felt like all of the hard work he put in with his show Z! True Long Island Story was being erased, and that he thought the angle with Kane pushing him off the stage would go somewhere, but it never did.

H/T Wrestling Inc.