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Chris Jericho jumped the railing during a New Japan Pro Wrestling event and set the pro wrestling world on fire once more. Another program in New Japan is on the way for Y2J and it looks like he’ll be continuing his feud against Tetsuya Naito which is yet another Japanese dream match for Jericho.

But it turns out if you’re waiting to see Jericho’s newest NJPW merch then it happened without you probably even realizing it.

Jericho was actually sporting his latest New Japan t-shirt when he attacked Naito. His shirt is a play on Los Ingobernables de Japon’s classic t-shirt design complete with the List Of Jericho on either side of the traditional logo. It’s also in that awesome blue color to match the Omega Club t-shirt design.

It might not take much time for these shirts to hit Hot Topic shelves just to fly right back off of them.

The Young Bucks have been a part of so many amazing moments and they’re groundbreaking in many ways. Now they have another amazing notch to add to their belt full of title belts because the Jackson Brothers are getting their own Funko Pop Vinyl figures.

This awesome duo of Pops will hopefully be released soon and it would be a good idea if Funko made a lot of them because they’re likely to sell out in no time.

Funko Pops are just fun so if you have any WWE Pops already these two will fit in just fine even though they are the first pro wrestlers not under WWE license to get their own official Funko Pop Vinyls.

Now that Funko has broken the ice by creating the Young Bucks in a miniature form it hopefully won’t take much time for the rest of the Bullet Club to get the same treatment.

Funko Pops. This is big!

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