2001 was an interesting year for WWE. WCW and ECW came into the fold as the invasion angle played out. But after Team WWE won the main event at Survivor Series, The WCW/ECW alliance was no more and WWE was left with two World Championships. Going into the Vengeance pay-per-view on December 9, 2001, The Rock was the WCW Champion and Steve Austin was the WWE Champion. But on that night, one man would walk out with both belts and that man was Chris Jericho.

The pay-per-view featured a three match tournament to unify the WCW Championship and the WWE Championship. Steve Austin retained his championship when he defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho won the WCW Championship when he beat The Rock. Jericho then met Steve Austin in the main event.

There was quite a bit of interference, but when all was said and done, Chris Jericho defeated Steve Austin to become the Undisputed Champion. Jericho still brags about the fact that he beat Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night and rightfully so. It was a history making moment and a true milestone for Chris Jericho’s career.

It’s been 14 years since Chris Jericho earned the right to call himself Undisputed Champion, but wrestling fans still talk about this awesome moment on a daily basis.