the undertaker

The last time we saw The Undertaker he was in New York City visiting the David H Koch Pavilion Hospital in Manhattan for a rumored hip replacement surgery. He’s been off the radar since and little mention has been made about Taker other than Roman Reigns bringing up The Dead Man because he wanted to draw an incredible amount of heat.

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WWE announcers have been instructed to not mention the fact Taker is retired either. This order from “the office” is a rather strange one. Many people have spoken up about how they don’t think The Undertaker will ever really retire, and this might be the case. But then again, what do we know? He’s certainly given us enough of his body that if he never appeared on another WWE show he would still be celebrated. But this new image might give us hope for something more.

It’s not clear why The Undertaker would be traveling to New York City at this time. It’s interesting timing though, to say the least. He could be visiting his doctor for a follow-up appointment, he could be filming something for WWE Network, or then again… we’re not even going to say it because we don’t want to jinx it. But let’s just say he’s risen from the dead before.

Of course, he could also have tickets to see Hamilton. Yeah, that’s it. He’s headed to a Broadway show and a dinner at Nobu with Michelle McCool. That should calm the fire of our excitement.

Even if that’s not what Undertaker’s doing in New York City on SummerSlam weekend, let’s just believe he’s catching a show and gourmet Japanese food so if he doesn’t pop up in Brooklyn we’re not disappointed.

Either way, one awesome fan was able to catch a picture of Undertaker on their flight from Austin, Texas to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City. Wrestling is so much fun.


  1. Or….. he could just be taking a trip to the big apple, he might also watch the show from the sidelines or out of view.. or might make a special appearance, but I doubt he’s going to jump back in so soon.. you never know.

    But if he did.. it would be badass.. just to see the lights dim and to hear his iconic intro, even if it’s just to make his presence known.