The Post and Courier recently spoke with WWE referee Charles Robinson and created a detailed profile about his life and career. Throughout the piece Charles talks about working for WCW, being a wrestling fan and what it was like to work with Ric Flair.

Charles also mentions that he competes in Spartan races to stay in shape and that he’s competing for jobs with people who are half his age. After joining WWE in 2002 Robinson joined the ring crew full time so that he could have more job security and he talked a little bit about what goes into a typical day.

“I fly in the day before. I go into the arena early. I unload the truck, help build the ring, lights go up, put up the barricade and padding around the ring, set up backstage monitors in dressing rooms, do the show, tear it all down, load the truck. If it’s a house show, we normally have a bus to take us to the next town. But if it’s TV, we have to drive ourselves.”

Robinson also noted that the lifestyle makes it tough to maintain a healthy diet, but that he doesn’t smoke or drink and that he rarely eats fast food.

“That’s the toughest part. We tear down the ring and finish up at 12:30 or 1 o’clock, and have to drive for hours to the next town. You’re starving, so you end up eating a lot of convenient food. But very rarely do I eat fast food.”

The article goes a lot more in depth about Robinson and the life of a WWE referee and you can check out the full piece by clicking here.