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AJ Lee lit it up every time she came to the ring while she was with WWE. Lee held the Divas’ Title and in many ways gave it credibility as the champion for 406 combined days with three reigns, her longest being 295 days.

But it doesn’t look like AJ Lee will be coming back to WWE at this point. Her autobiography is still selling well and she’s enjoying life as an activist and role model redefining the label of what crazy looks like on a daily basis.

Mike Johnson opened up briefly about AJ Lee on PW Insider Elite’s audio update where he updated fans on her status because it looks like she’s not coming back for a few very good reasons (via Ringside News).

“They aren’t going to plan that far out in advance. It’s just not how this business works. AJ Lee mentioned in her book that she chose to get out of the ring due to physical issues. It was not an issue with CM Punk and WWE although she probably felt like the child in the middle of a divorce at that point. She was already planning the next stage of her life, beyond professional wrestling. I don’t see her ever coming back.”

It’s also easy to understand why AJ Lee wouldn’t come back to WWE for several reasons from WWE’s doctor’s lawsuit against husband to the fact WWE totally snubbed her in recent instances where she certainly deserved at least a spotlight and credit like the first-ever Woman’s Royal Rumble not to mention Raw 25.

This is somewhat of an obvious statement to make on the matter though. But considering her physical issues it gives even more credibility to the idea. AJ Lee isn’t close to a WWE return for these reasons and it looks like Mrs. CM Punk has left that portion of her life behind her at this point.



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