SummerSlam is just a few short days away, and every WWE title will be on the line with the exception of the Intercontinental Championship. This means that it’s highly likely that fans will be seeing more than one title change on Sunday night, but the question is, which WWE stars will be walking away with championship gold at SummerSlam?

Sheamus and Cesaro will be defending the WWE Raw Tag Team Titles against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in what is arguably one of the most anticipated matches on the card. Ambrose and Rollins have been on a rocky road as of late as they try to repair their relationship in a post-Shield world, but they certainly seemed to be on the same page Monday on Raw.

The Boston crowd popped big time when Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins finally bumped fists, so it’s safe to say that the Brooklyn crowd would blow the roof off the Barclays Center if Rollins and Ambrose walk away with the belts, and it seems likely to happen at this point.

CBS recently put together an article where several wrestling insiders picked their winners for SummerSlam, and Rollins and Ambrose seem to be the favorites across the board.

So will Ambrose and Rollins become the new Raw Tag Team Champions on Sunday? It seems like the answer is yes, as this team is white hot right now and current odds heavily favor the challengers to walk out with the belts. Not to mention it would give SummerSlam a much needed feel good moment.

Shinsuke Nakamura impressed wrestling fans a few weeks ago when he was able to beat John Cena clean on SmackDown Live, and now he’s heading to SummerSlam where he will challenge Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship.

Many fans were speculating that this would be the match where Baron Corbin cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase, but after Corbin cashed in and failed to win the title on SmackDown Live, that’s no longer an option.

As Sports Betting Dime notes, WWE has kept the belt on Jinder Mahal in an attempt to grow their fanbase in India. However, it doesn’t seem as if their attempts have been as profitable as the company may have hoped.

It seems that it’s time for Mahal to drop the title, and even though odds could shift right before the pay-per-view, the odds currently favor Shinsuke Nakamura to walk away with his first WWE Championship on Sunday.

If you’re looking for title changes, these are the matches to keep an eye on. Even though odds could shift at any time, it seems that the other champions are currently favored to retain their respective titles.

Which champions do you think will be losing their titles on Sunday? Sound off in the comments below.