Sunday night at WWE No Mercy, Cesaro and Sheamus challenged Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the Raw Tag Team Titles, but they didn’t get the job done. During the match Cesaro was catapulted into the corner, and he smashed his face on the ring post. At first it was believed that he knocked his teeth out after he start bleeding, but according to WWE.com, he didn’t knock his teeth out, he actually pushed them up into his upper jaw.

WWE shared the following update on Cesaro’s condition:

“Cesaro’s teeth were pushed up into his upper jaw by about 3 to 4 mm,” WWE medical personnel Dr. Daquino explained. “The next step is for him to see a maxillofacial surgeon today, most likely removing the teeth and then having some implants made. So hopeful we will have him up and running after Tuesday or so.”

There’s no way around it, that sounds really painful.

It was also noted that the former Raw Tag Team Champion received three stitches in his bottom lip.

Even though Cesaro was bleeding through most of the match, he still carried on as if nothing unusual was happening.

Whether you’re a Cesaro fan or not you have to give the man props for being tough and continuing to give it his all with teeth that happened to be lodged 3 to 4 mm into his upper jaw.