Cesaro has been in the WWE now for more than five years and in this time he has had a gradual rise through the ranks in the company.

Many WWE fans have been wondering for a while now why the former United States Champion isn’t a main event level superstar, since he is one of the most talented, skilled and hard working stars in the company.

Cesaro even travels with former World Champion Seth Rollins, so he keeps himself in good company when it comes to moving forward. But despite all of his hard work, WWE officials still have yet to push Cesaro to main event level status and there is only one reason why he isn’t there yet and his name is Vince McMahon.

Both Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of F4Wonline.com have commented on this in the past with the latter stating the following:

“The craziest thing about Cesaro is, you know how he’s great in the ring, and he has great wrestling charisma, and he looks great, and he always wears a suit, and somehow Vince McMahon finds the man boring. That’s the whole reason why he’s not getting a push.”

Meltzer was recently asked by a fan on Twitter why Cesaro isn’t getting pushed and he once again reiterated that Vince McMahon is to blame.

Despite having all of the talent needed to succeed inside the ring and impressing the Cesaro Section week after week, it seems that the Swiss Superman is still considered boring by McMahon. Let’s not forget that Vince is the same man that once tore Cesaro apart for not being very good on the mic, while pushing Roman Reigns to the main event picture, even though Reigns was still forgetting most of his lines.

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  1. Cesaro just isn’t that good, don’t understand why he has so many fans. He looks like a middle aged euro soccer coach, has no charisma, mediocre-at-best talent, dude can’t even execute a proper uppercut. Why does WWE universe like this guy so much? Before you fanboys start trashing me, I’m not trolling, I just honestly want to know.