Charlotte is a few pounds lighter now that she’s missing the Raw Women’s Title, but that doesn’t mean she’s missing any work. The Nature Girl is still hard at work and preparing for a return match with Bayley so she can get that title back and move even closer to shattering her father’s record. She’s already a 5 time champion since her debut in 2015, so she’s well on her way to breaking her father’s 16 reigns (or 23 if you’re listening to Dave Meltzer).

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The WWE has quite a grueling schedule lined up for the second generation superstar as well as she laid out her plans for the next week and it looks like Charlotte is going to be very busy.

The former Raw Women’s Champion posted the following:

Colt Cobana has lived many dreams, he is a decorated independent wrestling darling, podcast extraordinaire, and now he recently paid a visit to a dog cafe. While in Japan, Colt decided to send out the following social media post to let us all know what he’s up to.

Dog and cat cafes are actually pretty popular in Japan where people get a coffee or snack and get to hang out with dogs or cats that they would typically want in their home, but they can’t have due to the extra responsibility or other restrictions on their living situation. They are even popping up in some bigger cities in the states, and it sounds like a great idea but a health code nightmare. What is for sure is that the dogs and cats that live in these types of businesses love their life and we’re glad to see that Colt’s loving life as well.

We went to a DOG CAFE and it was all that's good in this world! w/ @tsukasacozy

A post shared by Colt Cabana (@coltcabana) on

Kendall Jenner was recently seen wearing an nWo Wolfpac shirt, and the internet blew up over it. This writer has made the conscious decision not to report on this occurrence until it actually became newsworthy, and it has.

WWE is cashing in on the latest Wolfpac craze in a big way by featuring the official Wolfpac shirt on WWE Shop and the company is also promoting the fact that their site is the only place to get official Wolfpac gear. WWE can certainly thank Jenner for the extra boost in sales, that’s for sure.

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