SmackDown Live saw the exciting debut of three females from NXT and they look like they mean business. The more I see Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan together the more I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

Although Morgan and Logan haven’t been featured as much as Ruby Riot on NXT television that just means there are so many more tricks that we haven’t seen yet. After all, much like Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose who were called up to Raw, all four of those women have been working their tails off in WWE’s Performance Center and have wowed audiences at NXT Live shows, especially the local ones around Florida.

But Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are certainly popular with the peers in NXT. Although Logan might be somewhat of a newcomer to WWE, Liv Morgan has been working away in NXT since 2014 when she was signed as a professional cheerleader after being discovered. Morgan is a true product of the WWE Performance Center and has been trained to be a Superstar. Along the way, Morgan has been able to establish some deep ties with her peers at the WWE PC. But everyone happy for both Morgan and Sarah Logan equally.

Ruby Riot’s call-up was inevitable because she’s so popular and has been a mainstay in the indy wrestling scene as Heidi Lovelace and about five other monikers for seven years before her NXT debut. Although Riot never excelled to the top of the NXT Women’s Division it probably had a lot to do with the fact that Asuka was on top and stayed there for a very long time.

When Ruby Riot showed up to introduce Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan to Naomi, it might have been a rather lackluster way to go about things. But the beatdown this yet-to-be-named stable laid down on The Glow, Becky Lynch, and later Natalya and Charlotte Flair was a pretty bold statement.

Naturally, there were plenty of reactions to the debut of this threatening threesome. One of which was Carmella who answered the question why she didn’t cash in her Money In The Bank briefcase after the SmackDown Women’s Title match. To put it quite simply, Carmella wants nothing to do with this new faction of fierce females.

Obviously, this new group of girls has no alliances with anyone in the locker room, even The Princess Of Staten Island or else Carmella would have chosen that golden opportunity to cash in her briefcase which in all honesty, might have been a great move on WWE’s part considering she’s in between stories right now after James Ellsworth’s departure. But Mella doesn’t look like she’s going to venture near these three any time soon and also warned them to stay out of her gear drawer because she doesn’t like to share her wrestling attire.