There are few female superstars in WWE today who can draw heat like Carmella. It seems like everything she does makes people hate her more and we love her for it. But before The Princess Of Staten Island was able to become the first Miss Money In The Bank twice over there was an entire generation of incredible females who laid down the path in front of her.

Carmella recently spoke to TheWrap where she went into detail about filming Total Divas and said “I am excited to share my struggle with my relationship.” With Big Cass being on Raw, and Carmella currently holding down SmackDown with her shiny white briefcase it might be a struggle.

She also had the chance to put over all of the amazing women who came before her and work alongside her. She discussed the start of the Women’s Revolution in WWE and how it continues to evolve to this day. But she didn’t forget to give plenty of credit to the fans.

“I think it was just time — the women have been working for so long and so hard” Carmella said. “The fans helped a lot too as they demanded it, they knew what the women were capable of and started the whole women’s revolution hashtag on Twitter.”

“That gave the Divas a chance. The women took it and ran with it and have been running with it ever since then. They are now on main event pay-per-views. I was in the very first Money in the Bank ladder match for women, and I won it. So it has been a wonderful whirlwind. It is a great time to be a woman in the WWE.”

Carmella obviously realizes how lucky she is to be competing at this stage in the game. But without the ferocious females before her to open the doors, the Women’s Revolution might just be another cool idea fans are still kicking around a message board.

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