Earlier this year Carlito made his long awaited return to WWE when he entered the 30 man Royal Rumble match back in January, and the fans let the former Intercontinental Champion know that they were happy to see him.

Carlito also wrestled on Raw the night after the Royal Rumble, which naturally made fans wonder if he could return for more appearances in the future. Carlito. addressed his status with WWE during an appearance on The Angle Podcast, and he noted that he’s had no communication with the company since his appearance on Raw.

“It was just the Rumble. I think the day before the Rumble they asked if I can do RAW too and I said ‘yea sure, whatever you guys need.’ That’s all we talked about. It was RAW and the Rumble. I’ve had no communication since the RAW appearance.”

The former United States Champion went on to say that he’s open to working with other wrestling companies, but he hasn’t had any talks with AEW.

“Yea I’m open, you know, I’m open to whatever. Whoever wants to use me I’m willing to listen. But like I said I’ve been doing my own thing for all of these years and if it stays that way I’m fine with that too. No, no talks with AEW either. It is what it is man. I don’t know.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.