buff bagwell

Fans can get shout outs from some familiar faces on Cameo, including former WCW star Buff Bagwell.

Recently a Buff Bagwell cameo video has surfaced on social media, the video has been getting a lot of attention as Buff’s face looks badly bruised.

Bagwell didn’t shy away from addressing the face in the video as he kicked things off by saying, “Look at me. I got a broke face, and I’m still good looking. Look at me.”

In the video the former WCW Tag Team Champion is addressing a fan who is trying to adjust to life during the coronavirus pandemic, and he shifts gears, then gets more intense, when he says he’s also having a tough time with the pandemic.

Bagwell then went on to say that he’s going to “tear my own house up right the f**k now,” and that he’s, “thinking about putting a choke-hold on my girlfriend, who’s also the cameraman just to end this motherf**ker.”

He then goes on to encourage the fan to sit back and watch some wrestling matches, and he ends the video by telling them to “Put on The Grateful Dead, and rip nuts. I’m telling ya, that’s what you do.”

The full video can be seen below.