Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re probably familiar with the Broken Matt Hardy character by now. Thanks to his Broken Matt Hardy character, Hardy has been a hot topic on the internet over the past few weeks.

Matt Hardy has spent the past few months establishing the character and he took Broken Matt Hardy to a whole new level when he deleted Brother Nero during the Final Deletion on TNA Impact a few months again.

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that Broken Matt Hardy is entertaining. His madness is like a car wreck that you just can’t look away from, and his Twitter page is without a doubt the highway where said car wreck occurs.

If you take a quick glance at Matt Hardy’s Twitter page you’ll see some tweets that will likely make your brain hurt or make you laugh out loud. In one of his latest tweets Matt Hardy mentioned Vince McMahon, who he refers to as Meekmahan, because he’s broken, and Matt said that he would eat and delete Vince McMahon’s grapefruits.

A fan asked Broken Matt Hardy if he was going to be sued by Mr. Meekmahan and he had to following response.

Broken Matt Hardy vs. Mr. Meekmahan, that sounds like a WrestleMania main event waiting to happen doesn’t it?

Matt has also taken it upon himself to rename several other wrestling promotions.

Matt was also revealed that he apparently eats Puma when a fan mentioned that he’d like to see him face off against Prince Puma.

Broken Matt Hardy also recently took place in a Reddit AMA which you can read here along with some highlights below.

If he wants to delete Bray Wyatt: “I have issued an open challenge to Brother Nero Wyatt. I will meet him on either Impact Wrestling, MEEKMaHan’s show, the Honorable Wrestling, The New Wrestling in Japan, The Battlefield or the Compound.”

What Broken Matt Hardy does to cheer himself up on a normal day: “Take a morning constitutional through the immaculate grounds Senor Benjamin has prepared for me…then play my golden antique harp in the green bean garden while King Maxel dances to the wondrous vibrations of my strings.”

What broke him: “I was broken when Brother Nero ascended from the top of the Impact Zone with no remorse for my lovely wife or gorgeous son & attempted to end me. It was all because he was jealous that I was holding the Title of the World & was on top of the industry. What a traitorous sibling!”