broken matt hardy

Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero are currently in the midst of a their “Expedition of Gold” where they plan to snatch up as many titles as possible. On Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling footage was shown from Konnan’s “Crash Luchas” promotion where the Broken Hardys captured the tag titles and became the new Mexican Tag Team Champions.

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But, one thing that captured the interest of fans was the mysterious identity of their referee. For those of you who didn’t see the broadcast, the ref in the match had to have his face blurred out for some reason. While we’re not sure of the exact reasoning, it probably had more to do with contract conflicts than outstanding warrants.

Regardless of the reason, the Broken Matt Hardy decided to share his true identity with fans in the tweet below.

There’s a certain kind of pressure that someone has on them when they learn that they’re someone’s hero, especially if that someone is a child. X-Pac recently had to deal with this when a 3rd grade teacher tweeted an assignment she received from one of her students.

X-Pac dealt with it like any responsible adult would and should deal with the same situation if it happened to them.