For those who have wanted to see the Broken Brilliance of Matt Hardy and Brother Nero elsewhere, it appears that they’re going to get their chance. Especially if they live in West Virginia. All-Star Wrestling is holding an event called ‘Broken Resolutions’ in Madison, West Virginia featuring the Broken Hardys on January 27th. This event is also being advertised as a special television taping for Pop TV and Impact Wrestling.

The Hardys’ appearance at the Impact television tapings last week indicated that they were using Vanguard 1 to teleport wherever they wanted to, and it looks like they will find themselves in West Virginia.

Representatives from ASW said that footage shot at the event will air sometime in February on Impact Wrestling. Some would think that this is a way to show the Hardys’ teleportation travels on television while keeping them on the newly acquired Anthem Sports television show.

Tickets for the event are $12 and a meet and greet is scheduled before the event at the Madison Civic Center.

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For more information check out All-Star Wrestling’s twitter at @aswwrestling. Their website seems to have currently been DELETED, but tickets can be purchased at two locations: Shoppers Value in Madison, or Mike’s Tire in Madison.

The deadline for PayPal orders is this Monday the 23rd, after that advanced tickets can be purchased at the above ticket locations. The paypal address is: Garydamron@icloud.com