brodie lee

Brodie Lee officially debuted with All Elite Wrestling a few weeks ago when he was revealed to be The Exalted One.

Since then Brodie Lee has been making Vince McMahon references in his AEW vignettes, and he referenced the Chairman of the Board once again this week.

In the vignette Brodie Lee pulled up to a building in a Mercedes and he wasn’t wearing his suit jacket when he got out. A woman also got out of the car and put the jacket on for him. When it all came together he was wearing another Vince McMahon style suit as he approached three members of the Dark Order.

He told them “perception is reality” which is a phrase that Vince McMahon has been known to say. He then chewed out two members of the Dark Order for not dressing up, and he praised the other member who was wearing a tie. He told the tie-less Dark Order members that they looked like common people, and that their image didn’t exude power, or wealth.

Lee told the Dark Order member with the tie that he had an opportunity for him, and then went into a building to end the segment.

Back in 2011 former WWE writer Dave Lagana referenced the “perception is reality” line in a blog post about what Vince McMahon looks for in a wrestler.

“Coke is a brand. Tide is a brand. You are a brand. Vince would always make this one point very clear: “Perception is Reality.” Vince McMahon is a brand. From how he walks, to how he carries himself, to the speech patterns he uses. What he does, works for him.”

Later in the show Brodie Lee squashed Lee Johnson to pick up another win.