brock lesnar

Last week Rey Mysterio won a Fatal-5-Way match to earn a shot at the Universal Championship on the season premiere of Monday Night Raw, and Mysterio kicked off Raw this week.

Rey’s son was in the front row, and the former WWE Champion was cutting a heartfelt promo about how his son inspired him to keep going before he was interrupted by Brock Lesnar.

Brock hit Rey with the F5, and Dominick stood up and stared at Lesnar. When Lesnar confronted Dominick in the front row, Dominick sat back down, but Brock pulled him out of his seat and destroyed him.

Rey and Dominick were laid out in the ring and Brock started to leave, but then he returned to the ring and took them both to Suplex City again.

Paul Heyman looked shocked by Brock’s actions and he begged him to stop. Rey crawled to Dominick as a group of referees pleaded with Brock to leave.

The Beast got back in the ring and started beating up agents such as Fit Finlay, then he threw both Rey and Dominick out of the ring.

Brock then celebrated in the ring before making his exit.