brie bella

As we all know too well, Brie Bella is pregnant with her first child and Birdy Joe Danielson is on her way very soon. Brie Bella is now 32 weeks pregnant and according to her, everything hurts as it should because she’s growing another human inside of her.

The Bella Twins’ official YouTube channel has been updated once more with another video from Brie Bella as she documents her gestation. In the video Brie measures her belly and she’s now a whopping 43 inches around which might be big for a Bella, but she’s still West Virginia skinny.

Birdy’s brain is also still growing so Brie’s eating lots of greens. Brie says her daughter has long legs that she gets from her daddy D-Bry.

Brie also goes into some of the tribulations she’s currently experiencing while expecting to be a mother. Brie says she’s feeling very fatigued and is recovering from a sinus infection and those are awful even if you’re not pregnant.

The youngest Bella Twin says everything hurts including her fingers and wrists. Brie says “pregnancy brain” certainly exists and she’s currently experiencing it. But, good news is she’s almost done because in two weeks they’ll see the doctor for their last two week appointment and after that they will have to see the OBGYN every week because they’re that close to Birdy’s arrival.

We here at Still Real To Us would like to congratulate Brie and Bryan Danielson once again for their upcoming bundle of Birdy. We also can’t wait to see how long it will be until Triple H offers her a developmental contract. You can watch the video below, if you’re into that kind of thing.